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A Comparative Study of National Mythologies and Multiculturalism in the United States and Canada

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Both the United States and Canada are immigrant countries whose national mythologies and national identities have been the subject of much discussion - albeit for different reasons. Whereas the United States is famous for its various national myths and its strong national identity, Canada has for a long time been known for the contrary. Unlike their southern neighbors, Canadians were said to lack a common mythology and have for a long time struggled to define their national identity. Nevertheless, myths have played a decisive role in the construction of both national narratives. This book comparatively analyzes how national myths like the American Dream or the Canadian myth of survival have not only shaped the two profoundly different national identities but also the two unique multicultural ideals commonly known as the American melting pot and the Canadian multicultural mosaic. Individual national myths existing in the United States and Canada are investigated with a focus on their respective interdependencies with the two countries' approaches to their multiculturality. This book thus both juxtaposes the two North American mythologies and provides new insights into the interrelations of national myths and multiculturalism, answering questions such as »How has American exceptionalism contributed to the ideal of e pluribus unum?« or »How does Canada's myth of North relate to the country's self-image as a multicultural nation?«


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